We're serious about sustainability. When we create products, we consider their full lifecycle to minimise impact.

Foundry Workwear by Runsmart is committed to preventing unwanted textiles / clothing going to landfill. You can too — by partnering with our smart threads program, we’ll help your business achieve positive sustainability outcomes.


Fashion and textile waste created by Australians every 10 minutes

27 + 23kg

Aussies purchase 27kg and discard around 23kg of textiles into landfill annually


The amount our charities are spending per year to send usable donations to landfill


More than half a billion kg of unwanted clothing ends up in Australian landfill annually


Of this material waste could have been recycled

What we're doing

Runsmart has partnered with a textile recycling provider to prevent our garment waste going to landfill. We’re inviting our customers to be part of this initiative to minimise impact to the environment by giving textiles a second chance. We offer two solutions for the smart reuse of old / damaged / no longer required garments.

Option 1 • Repurpose


We repurpose suitable garments that aren’t quite at the end of their lifecycle by correctly donating them to Australian Charities. They’ll then make them available for resale to raise money or for people in need.


Garments for repurpose can’t be branded or damaged. Send them to Runsmart and our recycling partner will redistribute them to local charities ready to start their next life and avoid ending up in landfill.

Option 2 • Recycle


Recycling is for garments at the end of their life — they’re broken down and spun back into new yarn or separated, shredded and turned into new products (ie cushion fill, insulation, bags etc).


Send your unwanted branded garments to us. Our recycling partner will remove branding locally and ship to their offshore facility to break them down. We expect this process to all be done in Australia by mid-2021.


Be as proud as Runsmart by adopting this smart initiative for your business. We’ll provide you with an environmental impact statement for every kilogram you contribute and the positive impact it has on the environment. This can help you promote your sustainability targets.

• It's the right thing to do
• Measure your impact
• Reduce your footprint


We’re making this initiative as affordable as possible to help you get involved — everything is at cost. It costs just $5 per kg you contribute to the initiative.

• $5.00 per kg
• Less than $1 per shirt

Get involved

To be part of our smart threads initiative, all you need to do is call or email us and follow the below steps.

1 • Clean / wash garments
2 • Split to repurpose / recycle
3 • Send to Runsmart
4 • We'll weigh and send off
5 • Items start their next life

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